Sea-frogs Housing For Sony Rx100vii One Size Black

Camera Housing For Sony Rx100viiCamera Housing For Sony Rx100vii

Sea-frogs Housing For Sony Rx100vii One Size Black. The Sea Frogs SF-RX100VII housing was specially created for the Sony RX100 VII Digital Camera. The SF-RX100VII housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability. It is depth rated to 60m/195 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls. With this special design case, every key (except rear control wheel) of the Sony RX100 VII can be pressed to control freely as you want. Product Highlights: – Fits RX100VII Digital Camera- Depth Rating: 60m/195- Dual O-rings- Lever-Type Shutter Release- The dedicated design maintains access to all camera controls, including a rotary lens-ring dial, zoom lever, push buttons for menu access, and a large lever-type shutter button. The housing also permits the use of the cameras built-in flash, and an included detachable diffuser can be used to lessen vignetting and provide a more even wash o
Brand: Sea-frogs SF-RX100VII Black One Size

Gopro Screen Protector Hero 5 Black

Screen ProtectorScreen Protector

Gopro Screen Protector Hero5 Black . Safeguard against scratches and smudges on your HERO5 Black front and rear displays with these lightweight screen protectors. Easy to install and remove, they also reduce glare in bright lighting or outdoors. Includes five sets of screen protector films, a backdoor shield for The Frame (HERO5 Black) for more protection against gravel, dirt and rocks, and a cleaning cloth.Features: – Safeguards against scratches and smudges on your HERO5 Black displays- Reduces glare and improves visibility in bright and outdoor conditions- Included backdoor shield for The Frame (HERO5 Black) safeguards against gravel, dirt and small rocks- Includes five sets of screen protector film, a backdoor shield for The Frame (HERO5 Black) and a cleaning clothWhats Included: – 5 Touch Display Protector Films- 5 Front Screen Protector Films- Backdoor Shield for The Frame (HERO5 Black)- Microfiber Cloth
Brand: Gopro AAPTC-001 Hero5 Black

Orcatorch C2 Charger One Size

C2 ChargerC2 Charger

Orcatorch C2 Charger One Size . C2 Battery Charger.Specially designed for 18650 rechargeable batteries, C2 features the constant-current charge which extends the lifespan of the battery. The built in advance safety features ensure your safety and the health of the battery. With the included car a-dapter, you can charge your batteries on the go.Features: – Specially designed for 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery.- Constant-current charge.- Support AC charging and DC charging.- Advanced safety features.- Two independent charging channels.- 110g (excluding batteries).- 88mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 26mm(H).
Brand: Orcatorch ORCA C2 One Size

Orcatorch D560 630 Lumens Black

Torches D560Torches D560

Orcatorch D560 630 Lumens Black. ORCATORCH D560 is a mini diving flashlight with only 9 cm length. Its max output can reach 630 lumens by using a single 14500 battery, and the longest runtime is 1h25min by using one AA battery. The light can rotate 360°angle with Orcatorch MX05 mask mount. With robust water pressure resistant construction, reliable head mechanically rotary switch, and mini style appearance, D560 is the EDC (everyday carry) flashlight we specially designed for divers. Features: – Cree XM-L2(U2) LED, 630 lumens output- Uses a single AA battery or 14500 Li-ion battery- Mechanically head rotary switch offers high reliability underwater- Water pressure resistant construction ,depth rated to 150 meters- High efficiency constant current circuit, constant brightness- Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation- Over-discharge protection function- Aircraft-grade high strength aluminum material- The latest diamond
Brand: Orcatorch ORCAD560-NE Black 630 Lumens

Fantasea-line Fg7x Iii With M16 One Size Black

Camera Fg7x Iii With M16Camera Fg7x Iii With M16

Fantasea-line Fg7x Iii With M16 One Size Black. The FG7X III M16 Housing was specially designed for the Canon G7 X Mark III digital camera.The FG7X III M16 Housing features an M16 port specially designed for the Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum Safety System (the system is not included with the housing), which contains both a pre-dive vacuum check and an on-dive leak detector. The system allows confirming the watertight seal of the housing prior to the dive using the vacuum system and monitoring the housing seal during the dive using the moisture detector.IMPORTANT NOTICE Housing includes moisture detector and alarm only. Vacuum system isnt included with this housing model. It can be separately ordered and installed inside the housing (preferably by your retailer). For a housing that includes an installed vacuum system, see the FG7X III Vacuum Housing (#1371). The M16 port featured on this housing was designed to accommodate the Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum S
Brand: Fantasea-line 1370 Black One Size

Gopro Hero 8 Black One Size Black

Camera Hero 8 BlackCamera Hero 8 Black

Gopro Hero8 Black One Size Black. This is HERO8 Black, the most versatile, unshakable HERO camera ever. A streamlined design makes it more pocketable than ever, and swapping mounts takes just seconds, thanks to built-in folding fingers. And with the optional Media Mod, you get ultimate expandability to add more lighting, pro audio and even another screen. Theres also game-changing HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization with jaw-dropping slo-mo.Key Camera Specs: – Video: 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240 and more / looping video / 8x slo-mo.- Photo: 12MP / single photo / night photo / LiveBurst / 30 fps burst / RAW.- Time Lapse: TimeWarp video / time lapse video / time lapse photo / night lapse video / night lapse photo.Supporting Modes: – Streamlined design.- HERO8 Black mods.- HyperSmooth 2.0.- TimeWarp 2.0.- LiveBurst.- SuperPhoto + HDR.- Night lapse video.- Digital lenses.- Live streaming in 1080p.- Voice control with 14 commands in 11 languages + 6 accents
Brand: Gopro CHDHX-801-RW Black One Size

Fenix Sd20 Pack Underwater 1000 Lumens Black

Torches Sd20 Pack UnderwaterTorches Sd20 Pack Underwater

Fenix Sd20 Pack Underwater 1000 Lumens Black. The PackSD20 consists of: Flashlight SD20 plus two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries ARB-L18-2300 + 2-channel charger with plug socket electric ARE-X2DescriptionWhether deep-sea exploration, hunting or observing underwater nightlife, the Fenix SD20 flashlight is built for all diving activities. Delivering a maximum output of 1000 lumens of white light and 105 lumens of red light, the SD20 is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries. With a twist of the flashlight head, users can access three lighting modes and turn the light on and off. Equipped with a rotating magnetic ring for one-hand operation and a battery indicator light, this light offers convenience and assured illumination to divers. Features- Uses Cree XM-L2 U2 and Cree XQE Red LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours – Powered by 2*18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries or 4*CR123A Lithium batteries – 208mm length —26mm tube diameter —40mm head diame
Brand: Fenix PACKSD20 Black 1000 Lumens

Sea-frogs Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case One Size Black

Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro CaseHuawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case

Sea-frogs Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case One Size Black. Sea Frogs housing SF-P20 for the HUAWEI P20/P30/P30 PRO is a photo and video imaging solution for water sports enthusiasts & athletes who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity and capability of the HUAWEI.The camera is controlled by Bluetooth using the BT Shutter Kun Photo/Video App that you can download from the APP Store.Simply ensure Bluetooth is turned on in your device, connect to the smart housing APP and put the phone into into the housing! Easily confirm the housing is protected by using the optional vacuum sealing system.This compact digital housing is molded of corrosion free ABS-polycarbonate, it is virtually indestructible with heavy duty walls that allow it to operate safely to 40m (130 feet).KEY FEATURES.Compatible with iiPhone HUAWEI P20/P30/P30 PRO.Housing molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate, durable and resistance to corrosion.Able to withstand
Brand: Sea-frogs SF-P20 Black One Size