Lights / Torches : Cressi Frogman 20000 One Size White / Steel

Torches Frogman 20000Torches Frogman 20000

Cressi Frogman 20000 One Size White / Steel. This successful model has built a reputation for its excellent performance-size-reliability. Its technology enables its performance in an amazing way during its prolonged autonomy. Its size and type of beam make it very versatile for diving (even as main light source at night), underwater fishing or marine use in general. The combination of nylon reinforced with stainless steel head and the aesthetically stands for quality manufacturing radically from other similar products.Technical characteristics:  – Create Led 6000 ° Kelvin. The color temperature is calibrated to stay in a neutral white tone avoiding the tendency of much of lanterns led toranges tend to cold blue that distort the actual color of the seabed and scare away the fish.- Reinforced nylon body and head stainless steel AISI316- Parabola reflective ultra concentrate (Sixth) with Advanced Focus System (patent Led Lenser) the fail of the luminous
Brand: Cressi BSJ530031 White / Steel One Size

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