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Moisture DetectorMoisture Detector

Fantasea-line Moisture Detector One Size . The Fantasea Moisture Detector can be installed inside any housing featuring sufficient space for the alarm unit. The Fantasea Moisture Detector is very sensitive, so whenever moisture is detected by the sensor, the moisture detector LED light begins flashing and a warning alarm starts beeping, thereby alerting the user of a possible leak.The Fantasea Moisture Detector includes an alarm unit and a moisture sensor unit, connected by a thin wire.The alarm unit is installed on any of the housing side panels using a double-sided installation sticker, included in the package. Make sure that your housing offers sufficient space for the alarm unit to be installed (34 x 24 x 7 mm) without interfering with a proper watertight seal.The Moisture Sensor unit is installed just under the camera or camera tray inside the housing.Operated by a 3V Lithium #CR1220 battery. A replaceable and non-rechargeable batter
Brand: Fantasea-line 7501 One Size

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