Parts Accessories Housings : Fantasea-line Super Macro Ucl-900f+15 One Size Black

Super Macro Ucl-900f+15Super Macro Ucl-900f+15

Fantasea-line Super Macro Ucl-900f+15 One Size Black. The Fantasea-AOI UCL-900F is the finest Super Macro Wet Lens available. With a +15 diopter, the UCL-900F surpasses the competition in respect to image clarity, sharpness and detail. The UCL-900F wet super macro lens magnifies the subject and enables the camera to focus short distances, creating impressive images sharp on the corners and great on the details. It is perfect for shooting close-ups of tiny creatures, fish, corals and textures. The lens mounts on the housing port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. It can be mounted directly on 67mm lens ports, as well as other threads using an adaptor or with a QRS Bayonet system.UCL-900F Specifications Description: +15 diopter super macro lens Hard anodized aluminum bezel with black hard coating Lens Construction: 2 groups and 5 elements Lens Coating: AR multi layer coating Threads: 67mm (fr
Brand: Fantasea-line 5118 Black One Size

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