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Torches 2000 LongTorches 2000 Long

Finn-light 2000 Long One Size . With the beam angle 5° high luminous intensity in the spot and wide bounded halo, this is the best choice for divers demanding the optimized light beam. Bright spot illuminates the object while halo gives the light for surroundings, it shines through the murky water and it is convenient for effective signalization. Wide bounded halo lets you know where you are. It illuminates the space in front of you without blinding your dive buddy. Due to the latest, modern LED technology the light FL 2000 runs really long time without the warming up of the head. Overheating protection neednt to act even when using the light on the surface.Source of lightLED is the most effective source of light. FL 2000 is equipped with one single LED 2000 lumen which provides cold white light and 10 000 hours of permanent usage. Optimized light beam gives the angle +/- 5° and clear center spot for effective signalization.ElectronicsFL 2000 has the
Brand: Finn-light L2000 One Size

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