Dive Camera ++ : Intova Duo 33 m White

Camera DuoCamera Duo

Intova Duo 33 m White. Affordable and worry-free: Duo is waterproof to a depth 30x that of the latest LifeProof case (and costs less too).Phones and tablets are as necessary as water and air these days. In addition to costing an average of 0+, they contain some of our most valuable and important information. Duo costs less than most waterproof phone cases, is easy to use and best of all you Dont have to risking losing one of your most valuable possessions.Designed for adventures on land and underwater: Whether youre skimming the surface with your kayak or submerged underwater exploring marine life, Duo was built to withstand the harshest conditions. Compact and light-weight, the removable, rugged housing floats and is waterproof to 100 feet. Dare to take it anywhere!Reliable battery life: Duo features a re-chargeable li-ion battery that tested up to 2 hours of continuous use, so you can capture the highlights of every adventure.Built-in LCD display: Kn
Brand: Intova DUOWHITE White 33 m

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