Lights / Torches : Nanight Sport 2 One Size Black

Torches Sport 2Torches Sport 2

Nanight Sport 2 One Size Black. The Nanight Sport 2 is the next generation in the Sport series.Designed for recreational diving or outdoor activities, where simple yet powerful light in an easily portable size is needed. With interchangeable lenses and multiple mounts the torch can be used as: – Tight spotlight in murky water (10° lens).- Floodlight in clear water, coral reefs, caves (35°-55° lens).- Video light (120° without lens).The torch is equipped with simple reliable magnetic switch without any complicated mechanics, that will sustain years of use in salt water. The Sport 2 Kit includes: – Nanight Sport 2.- High quality rechargeable panasonic lithium batteries.- Protective case.- Charger.- 10° & 35° lens included (55° available as optional purchase).- 120° beam without lens.- Wrist strap.- Lantern handle.- Soft goodman handle.- Now with external cargo port. It is no longer necessary to open the bulb to charge the battery.Technical Data: – L
Brand: Nanight NS2-BK Black One Size

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