Batteries and chargers : Orcatorch Orca Battery 600 Mah One Size Grey

Orca Battery 600 MahOrca Battery 600 Mah

Orcatorch Orca Battery 600 Mah One Size Grey. 16340 Battery 600mAh.The OrcaTorch 16340 600mAh is a high performance li-ion battery, specially designed for high performance devices. It is safe and evviromently-friendly, high performance and high quality.One 16340 battery can be recharged for more than 500 times, the equivalent of 500 pcs non-chargeable batteries.Featuring: – 600mAh, 3.7V.- 18.5g, 16.6mm(diameter) x 34.5mm(length.- Triple over-heat protection.- Environmental friendly and lower cost.
Brand: Orcatorch ORCA 16340 Grey One Size

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