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Sea-frogs Flash Sf01 One Size Black. The Sea Frogs SF-01 offers a phenomenal range of features and benefits.Combining high power, wide angle coverage and near instant recycling with thought through user friendly exposure functions and triggering options, the SF-01 leads the field outperforming many much larger and heavier underwater flashguns.KEY FEATURES.- Powerful G.N.32 and UNDERWATER coverage 120 degree.- Yet lightweight and compact body, the SF-01 is designed to produce G.N.32.Further more, the SF-01 has overcame drawback of high-power strobe which has long flash duration and reaches to FULL power after start flashing in significantly short period of time.- 200 lumen, Shutter-linked AUTO OFF Focus Light.- The built-in Shutter-linked Auto-Off Focus Light delivers 200 lm brightness to support when focusing a subject and cease in synch with the shutter release and automatically turns ON again.To aim optical axis of the Focus Light in line wit
Brand: Sea-frogs SF-SF01 Black One Size

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