Parts Accessories Housings : Sea-frogs Housing For Olympus Tg5 g6 One Size Black

Housing For Olympus Tg5 g6Housing For Olympus Tg5 g6

Sea-frogs Housing For Olympus Tg5 g6 One Size Black. Camera flash will not work as a normal flash inside the housing when doing macro photography (take this into account before purchasing).The only use for camera flash is to trigger external strobe via fiber-optic cable.Seafrogs Underwater housing is a new generation of lightweight and affordable product for any underwater photographer, surf photographer and other enthusiast of water related photography or sports. This unit will keep your camera dry and functional in all weather conditions.Materials: – Polycarbonate- ABS plastic- Clear plate glass- Stainless steel- EPDM rubber- Oring sealed buttons with spring loaded mechanism to protect your camera properlyKey features: – Double threaded front 52mm & 67mm- Dual Fiber-Optic ports- Stainless steel mounting plate (size -1/4)- Inbuilt leak detection sensorBuoyancy: – Extremely positive ( Hand strap required ) Package Includes: – Underwater hou
Brand: Sea-frogs SF-TG5 Black One Size

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