Parts Accessories Housings : Sea-frogs Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case One Size Black

Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro CaseHuawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case

Sea-frogs Huawei P20/p30/p30 Pro Case One Size Black. Sea Frogs housing SF-P20 for the HUAWEI P20/P30/P30 PRO is a photo and video imaging solution for water sports enthusiasts & athletes who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity and capability of the HUAWEI.The camera is controlled by Bluetooth using the BT Shutter Kun Photo/Video App that you can download from the APP Store.Simply ensure Bluetooth is turned on in your device, connect to the smart housing APP and put the phone into into the housing! Easily confirm the housing is protected by using the optional vacuum sealing system.This compact digital housing is molded of corrosion free ABS-polycarbonate, it is virtually indestructible with heavy duty walls that allow it to operate safely to 40m (130 feet).KEY FEATURES.Compatible with iiPhone HUAWEI P20/P30/P30 PRO.Housing molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate, durable and resistance to corrosion.Able to withstand
Brand: Sea-frogs SF-P20 Black One Size

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