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Seafrogs Vacuum Pump SystemSeafrogs Vacuum Pump System

Sea-frogs Seafrogs Vacuum Pump System One Size Black. The Sea Frogs VPS-100 is the worlds simplest and most affordable compact pre-dive vacuum leak detector, simple user installation, no external parts.Main features.For only a fraction of the price of other similar systems, you too can now have a the new Sea Frogs VPS-100 pre-dive vacuum leak detector that will eliminate guesswork about the housing tightness and let you concentrate on the photography, instead of worrying if today is maybe your turn to experience the underwater photographers worst nightmare.The Sea Frogs VPS-100 features a calibrated pressure sensor and processor.The complete electronic circuit and the battery are located in the robust anodized aluminum one-way valve body for even more convenient operation and ease of installation.The green/red LEDs are visible through the transparent acrylic circular window.The included hand vacuum pump is lightweight and requires no
Brand: Sea-frogs SF VP-100 Black One Size

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