Lights / Torches : Tovatec Fusion 1500 1000 Lumens Black

Torches Fusion 1500Torches Fusion 1500

Tovatec Fusion 1500 1000 Lumens Black. Everything you need in one focus!Concentrated light from 12° and beam of video up to 140°, charging by usb, charger and battery, with which you will have a concentrated beam focus for low visibility situations or a video focus for your video or photo recordings.Top range focus of the Fusion line of Tovatec with a valid power for night diving thanks to its Led XM-L2U2 which reaches 1000 lumens for 180 minutes thanks to its 26650 Lithium battery.It can be recharged by usb and also with the charger that we deliver as standard, at the same time you can use your focus with 3 AA batteries if you wish, giving this focus a series of unparalleled use options.The adjustable light beam allows you to play from 12° of concentrated beam to 100° of open and you can also remove the focus head, obtaining 140° beam of light, perfect for video without hot zones.If you need more autonomy you can use this bulb with 32650 batterie
Brand: Tovatec FUS1500 Black 1000 Lumens

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