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Torches Fusion 400Torches Fusion 400

Tovatec Fusion 400 One Size . Adjustable light beam perfect for every use, concentrated from 12°, to 140° video light (without head), USB charging, charger and battery included.More economical focus of the Tovatec Fusion line than with a very low price and thanks to its Led XP-G2 provides 400 lumens for 100 minutes thanks to its 14500 Lithium battery.If you need more autonomy you will only have to use the canister extender that we deliver with the product and you can then use two AA batteries reaching 120 minutes of light.It can be recharged by USB with the charger that we deliver as standard, you can also use your bulb with 1 battery 14500 or with 2 AA batteries (with the double canister) if you wish.The adjustable light beam allows you to play from 12° of concentrated beam to 100° of open beam and you can also remove the head of the light bulb thus obtaining 140° of light beam, perfect for video without hot areas.The bulb is delivered with charg
Brand: Tovatec FUS400 One Size

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