Parts Accessories Housings : Weefine Clamp Pro + Lens Holder One Size Black

Clamp Pro + Lens HolderClamp Pro + Lens Holder

Weefine Clamp Pro + Lens Holder One Size Black. New Weefine accessory designed to carry your 52mm or 67mm lenses attached to your ball connection, with this accessory you can place your lens (macro or wide angle) in such a way that it is very simple and how you can, remove and put your lenses in the water and getting to get the best shots in each moment.With your purchase you will receive the adapter and a ball joint prepared to be used with this adapter.You only need to place this accessory in place of the ball joint you are currently using.Perfect to carry your lenses with you throughout the dive with total security.Features: – Made of anodized aluminum.- Compatible with 52mm and 67mm lenses.- Minimum weight and great durability.- The ball joint adapted for the accessory is also delivered.
Brand: Weefine WFA49+WFA50 Black One Size

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