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Housing Tg5 g6Housing Tg5 g6

Weefine Housing Tg5 g6 One Size Black. Aluminum housing compatible with Olympus TG5 and TG6.With this case you can use all the functions of your Olympus TG5 / TG6.Now with the new built-in automatic vacuum system.With the press of a button you can activate the new emptying system with digital information capable of informing you visually when the tightness is suitable for diving and at the same time it will inform you if the housing does not have this tightness with which the risk of flood is eliminated.Features: – New automatic emptying system with digital information- Compatible with Olympus TG5 and TG6- Double objective of 52 and 67mm- Submersible up to 100m- Double side flash output- All camera functions are usable- Trigger over dimensioning for easy use- External measurements: 161.4 x 74.2 x 121.2 mm- Ground weight: 685gr- Triple 1/4 thread compatible with all platesThe lenses are sold separately as an optional accessory.
Brand: Weefine WFH-TG6 Black One Size

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