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Weefine Remote Control One Size . Adjust the intensity of your Weefine Solar Flare and Smart Focus bulbs with just one finger and in a moment thanks to the new Remote Control created and manufactured by Weefine.Up to 10 intensity positions with just a finger movement and the innovative instant shutdown option so as not to affect your photographs.You can use it to configure one or two lights at a time thanks to the fiber optic cables that we deliver with the Remote Control.The mode off from the Remote Control does not turn off the lights permanently, it only leaves them in a dormant state so you can turn them on again as soon as the need arises.The Remote Control shows you its operation by means of Blue Led lights.Manufactured with three Whitworth 1/4 terminations on its base so you can adapt it to any base you have available.It is delivered with a 3.0V battery of the CR123 type and a special aluminum base to be able to place it in the sin
Brand: Weefine WFA03 One Size

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