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Torches Smart Focus 4000Torches Smart Focus 4000

Weefine Smart Focus 4000 One Size . The evolution of underwater lighting has arrived, weefines new dual focus, can be used as a video beam or how to flash to connect with your camera through a fiber optic cable.Smart Focus 4000 offers 4000 lumens in video mode with 11 power levels in white and multicolored and 6000 lumens in flash mode.New multicolor lighting system, there is nothing like it in the market, when activated the focus shows up to 9 color shades that vary constantly.With the video beam at maximum power we have 55 minutes of light and can last up to 10 hours at 3% power.In flash mode we have up to 10 hours of use and 10 levels of power output adjustment.During all the time of use we will have the information of the power that we are using and of the time of battery that we have left.In addition, the continuous light mode can be used to focus and set Auto-Off for 0.5 seconds when shooting in Flash mode.This focus incorporates a screen that
Brand: Weefine WF071 One Size

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