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Super Macro Lenses Wfl05sSuper Macro Lenses Wfl05s

Weefine Super Macro Lenses Wfl05s 13 . Weefine macro lens WFL05S +13 diopters with M67 thread.High magnification power of macro images, wet lens, compatible with all waterproof boxes with M67 front.Perfect lens for close-up pictures of fish, corals, textures and much more.Created and designed for use with 36 x 24mm sensors and lenses from 60 to 105mm.Works in distances from 60mm to 85mm.Manufactured in 4 elements and in 3 groups, it reaches a magnification of 2.5x.The macro lens magnifies the subject and allows the camera to focus on short distances to create super sharp images.In the construction of these lenses we have tried to make them as light and small as possible.The thread is M67 and the final diameter of 61 mm, this will enable us to better enter the flash light when we are at the minimum focusing distance, also the smaller diameter will allow us to lower more the center of the image if the subject to photograph is in a flat plac
Brand: Weefine WFL05S 13

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