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Super Wide Angle Wfl01Super Wide Angle Wfl01

Weefine Super Wide Angle Wfl01 One Size Black. Weefine Wide Angle Lens model WFL01, 0.53x magnification, for camera with 24mm lens, can be put on and taken out underwater, compatible with boxes with M67 thread.Characteristics: Construction in 5 groups of 6 elements.Magnification of 0.53x.Turn your lens into a 145° wide angle.Measures: 170 x 104 mm.Weight of 1400gr (earth), 640gr (water).Anodized aluminum body.Polycarbonate dome with hardener coating.Anti-reflective lenses.Supplied with neoprene protection.Submersible up to 60 meters.
Brand: Weefine WFL01 Black One Size

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