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Wfl07 CellWfl07 Cell

Weefine Wfl07 Cell One Size Black. Small but very powerful, the new Mini Dome WFL07 from Weefine is created to be used with our latest generation Smartphones, with 52mm thread and 0.57X magnification, a novel product in the sector where until now the lenses were manufactured based only on the optics that mounted the cameras of photography, but the new lens WFL07 of Fantasea goes one step further and is made studying the needs of the lenses that mount our smartphones.High-end product for very demanding customers, little by little the use of our smartphones under water is becoming habitual and it is essential to achieve certain shots of the wide-angle type to have appropriate lenses for our terminals.Field of vision according to the lens of the camera: – 24mm = 130°.- 28mm = 108.50°.- 35mm = 87.46°.Features: – Wide Angle for 24mm lenses.- Magnification of 0.57X.- 52mm thread.- Made in 4 elements and 4 groups.- Measures: 76mm wide x 57mm hi
Brand: Weefine WFL07 Black One Size

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