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Wide Angle M52 90º Wfl11Wide Angle M52 90º Wfl11

Weefine Wide Angle M52 90° Wfl11 One Size Black. WFL11 24mm M52 0.72X. UNDERWATER STANDARD WIDE ANGLE CONVERSATION LENS.Our latest compact wide angle lens! Dont be confused, this is a step above an air lens. Our KRL-11 has a glass element in it which gives you a wider FOV, and better image quality.Features: – Product Description : Underwater Standard Wide Angle Conversation Lens.- Lens Construction : 2 elements; 2 groups (1 G1 P).- Magnification : 0.72X.- Compatible Camera (Up to) : Sensor Size: 6.4mm X 4.8mm(1/2).- Camera Lens: 24mm (35mm Equivalent) – F/1.4.- Field of View Conversation 24mm(84.1°) > 21 .5mm(90°) / 28mm(75.4°) > 25.7mm(80.4°) / 35mm(63.4°) > 34.1mm(64.8°).- Dome Lens Optical Grade Polycarbonate Resin.- Glass I Coating : Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating.- Lens Barrel : Aluminum with Type II Anodizing.- Mounting : M52 X PO.75.- Dimension : ˜92.8 X 50.6mm.- Weight (Air) : 240g.- Weight (Underwater) : 80g.-
Brand: Weefine WFL11 Black One Size

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